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Our Story

Colley Hill Candle Soy Wax CandleMaine craftsmanship models a tradition of excellence passed down for generations and is recognized worldwide as a term for quality and integrity. At Colley Hill Soy Candle Company, we built our business on these same values and are proud to offer you quality candles.

We stand behind each and every product and are committed to providing you with a positive experience. We guarantee satisfaction and we keep our promises.

Why Soy?

We use only 100% natural soy wax, produced by American farmers, and coreless wicks to give you a clean burning, environmentally friendly candle. We test burn our wicks to ensure that they burn completely and that they produce little or no soot, leaving your jars and home free of black soot residue. Since soy wax is water soluble, jars and votive holders can be conveniently washed out and reused.

What are the benefits of soy wax?

  • Derived from a vegetable (soy beans)
  • Natural, renewable resource
  • Biodegradable
  • Lower melting point so your candle will burn slower and longer
  • Burns with zero petro soot

Check out our line of amazing fragrances! Our long-burning soy wax candles are fragranced with oils that meet our high quality standards. We test burn every scent. If we don’t feel it’s the best, we simply won’t use it.